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I just read an excerpt in the Search Engine Journal article by Roger Montii at where he discusses what he terms “Author Intent” and how the so-called Medic Update, is really a focus on clarifying further what a page is really about when ranking results. I couldn’t disagree with much of what Roger was saying. Google has gotten pretty good at understanding what something on the web is really about- is it about the side effects or mechanics of the drug, Viagra and its medical alternatives to treat ED or is it really just plugging an herbal remedy?

What I noticed was this: A quote from John Mueller’s Webmaster Hangout on the topic where he says, 

“And in general it’s not something where we’d have any specific guidance to say, well this is what you need to change. This is really just a part of the normal changes that we make on the web overall.”

Herein lies the Google Intent. Whether a thing is fully acknowledged, when it is held as a core attitude, it tends to slip out. Mueller didn’t say, “…normal changes that we make to the algorithm…” or “the search engine”. He said, “the web overall.” It is reflective and indicative of what I believe is an overarching attitude at Google that Google is the web, the Internet. No Google, no web, is the implication of a statement like this.

Others like Josh Bachynski have reported that personnel in high-level meetings at Google have voiced opinions that some people don’t deserve to be on the Internet. Google has the right to run their search engine as they see fit. Does that make them Overlords of the Internet? Hardly.

PS. John is to be commended on his dramatic weight loss.

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