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Known as search engine optimization, SEO  is a collection of practices and techniques to make your website visible on search engines, especially the main search engine Google that receives close to 70{ea48ec25887a028505b50ff8dddfeca272f08926203b43c9faf5c0dd42a163c9} of search traffic. We provide these services for local businesses and companies in Temecula and Murrieta and surrounding communities. Most people search online before they buy something from a business near them. This translates to real time customers who are ready to buy and are just looking for the best choice of vendors to get them what they already want. Who could ask for a better new customer for their business? They may want to compare services, prices, reputation and location of what they want to buy before they make a trip out to fight traffic in the car.

It’s our Temecula SEO that will get them to your door.


A thorough understanding of your market and how to capitalize on the strengths of your business products and services. Part of the “optimizing” process is leveraging your strongest and most profitable business values to an audience most ready to recognize, be drawn to, motivated by and take action on those very same values.

SEO Keyword choice isn’t simply a matter of finding keywords with the highest traffic. Find keywords that match your best sales narratives and focus that also have predictable search volume. Do that and leverage traffic to those pages and the golden goose is yours. Multiply that leverage by expanding on more relevant value matches and you’ve opened your own mint. You provide value that your visitors can never lose sight of and never leaves their minds and you will create sustainable income flow.

In every local market, the competition between businesses for visibility in the coveted first page of Google results is the same. For you and every other local Temecula Business, the availability of first time customers asking questions about your products online where they can immediately choose you is scarce and all but limited to page one of Google's results.

Those businesses that appear on page one win. Especially those closest to the top of the page.

The rest, frankly, lose out on the steady flow of first time, ready to buy, new customers who go online and choose almost 100{ea48ec25887a028505b50ff8dddfeca272f08926203b43c9faf5c0dd42a163c9} from what they find first to be a good match on page one of a search result. If it isn't you then your competitor who is there is getting all that business. Visits to websites, phone calls and Email inquiries virtually all going the lucky businesses who appear on page one whether they deserve it or not. It just as well may be, and perhaps should be you and your business picking up all those new customers.

That's where I come in. For over seven years I have given my real estate clients an unfair advantage because I leveraged the right signals for Google to generate millions of dollars in sales in one of the toughest industries there are to actually compete and profit online. You'll want to see for yourself what is available for you in my Temecula SEO strategies and service to generate brand new customers month after month that you can't reach any other way.

Temecula SEO Advantage For Your Business
What an advantage to being found on the Internet first. Your competitors? They're winning and that doesn't have to be.[...]

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I'm Dave Keys and I've been the force behind the transformation of many businesses in competitive industries like real estate. My SEO strategies mean search engine optimization leveraged to make your business visible to buyers at just the right time- while they are looking for a product or service to purchase now or very soon. Be that business owner that shows up first when that customer is searching.

Panda Patent Abstract Impact On Temecula SEO

Panda Patent Abstract Impact On Temecula SEO

The core of Google's philosophy on ranking websites and web pages filed with the US Patent Office describing their decision making concept.

Why us?

You'll get SEO that aims straight at the heart of the most profitable search terms for your business. We will rank you ahead of other local competitors so new market share and new leads become yours instead of your competitors'.

We have years of experience working on both SEO and effective web design and can work with you to find cost-effective business visibility solutions.

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Shane Melaugh

“Dave Keys delivers in the face of some of the stiffest competition”

“Just when you thought SEO couldn't be an effective source of leads, business and profit in your market, Dave Keys brings the essence of military grade SEO to the street where business competes against business in real time every day. Your business visible to and attracting the money, is the true purpose of SEO and Dave Keys delivers in the face of some of the stiffest competition on the Internet in his famed real estate SEO practice. Believe me, if he can help a real estate agent get online and visible against some of the biggest giants on the web, he can get you there too.

Gregory Ortiz 
Only Source Consulting

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