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SEO Factors For Small, Large and Mega Real Estate Sites Differ

Maybe you’d be surprised to find that the answer to this question depends on who you are. What the biggest real estate SEO ranking factors are for you are not the same as they are for Zillow. Zillow ranks by domain authority, traffic behavior and external links. The problem is that you can’t replicate theĀ way Zillow got their links even if you could somehow replicate the number of links. Google looks at links over time and expects a certain delta. If you show up with 8 million links next month, do you think your SEO will be rewarded? Well, no.

Real Estate SEO Is Subject To Multiple Weighted Considerations

Google has watched Zillow acquire links since 2006. You can’t replicate that 12 year progression can you? Your real estate SEO is going to have to win by other means. The game has changed. The rules have changed. Google has gotten less dependent on finding out about spammy links because they’ve shifted their factors to include some tests of web pages. Tests like social interaction involving the page. Tests like traffic behavior and tests like Keywords and semantic terms.

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