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What really ranks in Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO Keywords and Factors

This is going to break the status quo but it’s really still very simple. Decent links from content, Pages that start with the keyword in your Title, URL, H1 and H2, Body. That’s about it. Keywords in those four places pretty much show Google what your page is about. Write your content and include things that would normally be discussed (Latent Semantic Index) in your topic of choice. For real estate, you can look at the search ideas Google suggests that get searched along with your desired keyword and you’re in the zone. It’s almost so simple a robot could do it.

Real Estate SEO Keywords really fit in 4 places

 Of course the other side of this is links. Linking internally provides a lot of force. This is one reason why you should blog. Blog about your current real estate market or find some ideas about selling or buying real estate and write something meaningful without worrying too much about 100% unique originality. I think the last real original thing said about real estate was probably the first article about short sales.


Let’s say your market is Aspen real estate. What should be your SEO strategy? Well, first make sure you ranking for things that will make your visitors buy- not a house but you. They should become willing to drop their guard and contact you or there’s really no point to ranking is there?

It may be better for your bottom line to rank high for Aspen real estate agents than for Aspen real estate because the former phrase is more often by someone who wants to find and hire an agent where the latter may be for information only and the visitor may actually hate agents and wants to do a FISBO.

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