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SEO Services For Real Estate Agents

Why do you even need SEO for real estate? Why can’t a website just show up for searches about its topics? For real estate agents, the answer is simple.

Because Google Loves You Less, You Need SEO for Your Real Estate Website

Who are the marketplace winners in real estate SEO? You might think, the big three, Trulia, Zillow and Realtor. True, they often take top spots in local search results for geographic home search terms but ranking isn’t the endgame in search engine optimization. It’s the beginning. Google Just Loves A Big Brand! In 2008, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO opined the Internet is a cesspool of misinformation and brands clean up the cesspool. That’s why websites like Zillow seem to get away with breaking every rule while you get ignored and relegated to the hinterlands of web search visibility.


Who Did Google Call A Cesspool?


Google obviously gives a lot of preference to those guys and Not to you. They’ve often classified, as if by default, the local real estate agent (you) as the “cesspool” and the aggregators as brands. The brands’ pages rank even when they have zero links to an individual page. Their advantage is domain authority and that comes from millions of links pointed via various link schemes like giving away widgets, tools and whole websites. Corporate level authority, thanks to Google is nearly unbeatable.

Just what are they taking from you, the local agent?



While Google has been busy building a super-empire on the backs of real estate agents, they’ve diminished your visibility online. It’s the local real estate agent who walks the miles in neighborhoods deals with every customer in the market. It’s local Realtors who actually create the content that is handed over to the aggregators for free through listing syndication agreements. First, your content is extorted by the listing services. The MLS gives your content to “partners” Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, etc. and then Google gives them your organic search visibility using your content and hands over your leads to them. It’s a virtual online conspiracy against real estate agents. You do the marketing work. You pay for them for your own leads. You cultivate those leads and earn the money and the right to do it all over again. Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, etc. reap the rewards on the backs of the agents. Modern day slave labor.


People looking for real estate soon learn they need something more than Zillow. They begin looking for a local agent to work with. Being positioned where they look means being on page one.

Google has an obvious bias to big brands and aggregators. Not competing for top visibility means a default view on page one of the syndicates, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor and then followed by less powerful syndicates and nationally branded websites like Century 21 and Remax (which can be overcome with SEO). What’s the result of that kind of bias? Let’s have a look: Default search result for real estate. 

Real Estate SERP not optimizedReal Estate search results without local SEO

What’s left for local agents? Usually the bottom five organic results are open to good local competitors. But a lot of people make their way down to the first local real estate agents in search after unsatisfactory experiences with aggregators. These are quality leads who are looking for something or someone more local. These are leads with both motivation and desire. They’re ready to do business with an agent and are just a single click away from you. (if you’re there) Effective SEO delivers that free quality, motivated lead traffic to your doorstep. It’s imperative that you are found there on page one because a lot of people agree that Google got it wrong and they go further down, past Zillow, Trulia and Realtor looking for a local real estate agent. Showing up here on page one is the local agent’s best personal answer to an impersonal experience leads have had up to now.

You can use the form now to the top right of this page or just call 714-924-4422 to get started with me to get help and rank in Google for your real estate market. 

I may be the only so-called real estate SEO expert who hasn’t completely abandoned the idea of outranking competition for real Google page one organic results for high volume valuable real estate search terms.


Here’s How Things Start Looking With My Effective Successful SEO.


Albuquerque homes Search Placement Real Estate SEO results Albuquerque homes – This website is on page one for over 8000 searches a month

note: These results are from a few years back. The agent chose to proceed with many changes without or in contravention to my advice. After several years of slowly slipping in the search results, the site no longer ranks the way it did. Best of luck.  

While Google thinks a brand solves all issues regarding real estate consumer preference and that Zillow provides best real estate results in a search engine. Discerning buyers and sellers are researching online to find out who can help them with their needs that will never be met by a syndicate. Once they learn handling a real estate transaction on their own is like climbing Mt. Everest in a swimsuit, they start an earnest search for a qualified, capable and helpful real estate agent. They also tend to pick the first one they come in contact with. True fact. 

Hire a Google SEO expert.

If you’ve felt like you’ve taken a real beating from Google and all their algorithm updates, it’s time to become one of the local agents who are still on page one of Google in their market. Thanks to Eric Schmidt’s pronouncement that small businesses are a cesspool, Google has lived up to brand preference in real estate perhaps more than any other industry. Consortiums of big corporate interests have Consolidated and created virtual brands in order to steal away every lead possible and sell them back to local real estate agents. Don’t stay a victim of a biased system. Fight back and take leads directly from your market into your business. As of 2018, Google has removed more and more visibility from real estate agents, although they finally gave back some of the business “3-pack” results. In the case of real estate, big brands have contributed to the cesspool rather than helping clean it up. In many cases, those syndicates are the cesspool, providing an accurate data and outdated listing information as well as creating a false sense of home values frustrating both consumers and agents. What can you do other than sit on your hands while Google slaps you around like an abusive spouse? Google and the aggregator websites are robbing you of your own clients and selling them to the highest bidder. You’ve got a highly relevant wealth of resources more to offer clients than out-of-date home listings and useless z-estimates they get from the syndicates. Be there for them when they ask for it.

SEO For Real Estate Agents

Break The barrier With Actionable Real Estate SEO For Traffic And Leads


In the case of real estate, it is SEO that helps clean the cesspool up. Anything that can be done to return visibility back to the local real estate agent is a benefit to consumers who will end up working with an agent anyway in 99+ percent of all real estate transactions and it is better to pick an agent from anywhere other than simply a leaderboard on an aggregator website where the people are there to be chosen by virtue of the fact that they paid money to be there. My expert real estate SEO services help the local real estate agent gain visibility in the marketplace online in the face of all that stiff opposition and sometimes a downright tough fight, put up by both aggregator websites and national corporate brands. It is the local real estate agent that does all the running around, sweating and even bleeding to get the job done as they do everything from making repairs themselves on some properties to cleaning up messes, evicting stray cats and sometimes stray people and often spending their own money on overall preparation for marketing a house. If you are ready to gain page-one visibility in your market, I’m the one to make it happen. I’m not the cheapest and I don’t always see things Google’s way, But I’m the best there is and I have the page-one visibility in many areas around the world to back that claim up so contact me now. Use the form at the right or call 714 222-7961 and get started with me now in reclaiming or gaining for the first time, your online visibility for your own market. 

You can use the form now to the top right of this page or just call 714-924-4422 to get started with me to get help and rank in Google for your real estate market.

Real Estate SEO Keywords


Making Page One Visibility A Reality With The Keywords That Matter


How do I accomplish page one rankings in competitive markets? I build links. Not penalty bait but links but high authority links on a wide variety of semantic terms. These semantic terms includes the same keywords that you want most to rank in search results. None of my competitors  or more specifically, my real estate SEO clients’ competitors stand a chance against my strategies. A lot of SEOs are now saying “content is king” and promoting the notion of niching down to your competitive level and going for a few long tail, long-shot terms to rank for and just settle for the crumbs Google may throw you. They say content is king. I’m here to tell you that content alone will keep you in Google serfdom. Trying to rank in real estate with content alone is like trying to win a marathon with one leg. It’s not going to happen. Content may be king but links are the king’s army. Without strong links, you’re simply out-classed. You’ll find out that your content without links is like the Emperor’s New Clothes. The aggregators have millions of links. You’re going to need some good ones to overcome strong competition for the rest of page one- or you can just default to the Google world view where Zillow is the good brand and you’re the invisible local “cesspool” relegated to the back lot shoveling a small pile of steerage-class leads unwanted by the aggregators or the agents on page one. I’m currently taking on new clients, but this is a truly limited opportunity because I only manage a finite number of clients at any one time. When those available vacancies are filled, the doors will close for an indeterminate time. Also, I generally don’t take on more than one client in most markets except for the very largest and then not in the same market targets. If someone begins an SEO campaign in your market with me, I’m probably going to turn down additional clients. Unfortunately, when it comes to my own non-compete-with-self standard, if you snooze, you most likely lose. 

What about Pricing?

Really, every market comes “preloaded” with a very discernible level of competition. My tools and strategies are not cheap but what they do is this. They overcome the competition every time if applied in sufficient force and quantity. You have to overcome competitors to win in your market. I price according to competition and what it takes to acquire the assets necessary to do so at a profit for my business. You should do the same thing. You should do what’s necessary to overcome the competition in your local market whether your advertising is done with traditional print media or whether you are using search engine optimization to sell real estate.

$1,280 per Month for Some – you may qualify


This price isn’t appropriate for “Austin Real Estate” but it may very well be appropriate for Georgetown or Round Rock. You’ll need a website in good standing to qualify for this offer. This offer is for small to moderate competition markets. We’re looking at the market realistically. $1,180 per month will deliver superior results for websites in lower competition markets. It will not do the job fast enough where competition is higher. I can look at the competition levels with you and we can figure out a strategy that will fit your market both in expected time and investment necessary to overcome your competition. Contact me to see if your website and market qualify for real estate SEO. If you don’t have a qualifying website, I can build one for you at a competitive price.

SEO Marketing For Realtors Means Money At A Discount

Whatever the investment needed to overcome competition, one thing is certain. The new leads you get that won’t find you any other way will far more than pay for your investment. If you can sell and close good leads, I can deliver the right people to your business doorstep with this unique and effective real estate SEO strategy. Contact me now for details and a free assessment of your website qualification status. You can act now or be content with paying unending ransom to the aggregators and losing quality leads to your competitors. Real dollars and profits go to those on page one of real estate searches on Google. I can make you one of those results while my competitors run for the tiny niches left over by the big game, apex lead hunters of the Serengeti of online real estate customer acquisition. You can solve this now with Real Estate SEO.

You can use the form now to the top right of this page or just call 714-924-4422 to get started with me to get help and rank in Google for your real estate market.


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Real Estate SEO Expert Dave Keys

Have you ever felt like you’ve taken a real beating from Google’s search algorithm updates? Me too! That’s to your advantage now.

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