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Real Estate Marketing Strategy – It’s The Numbers

You already know that the top experts in every real estate market are the ones who tell you it’s all in the numbers and they are expressly correct. You can’t afford to ignore the numbers and that’s not just in the numbers of people that see you but also in the number of things you do. In effective real estate sales and marketing the old joke about hikers and bears is absolutely true. It’s all about doing the right things in the right quantity outperform your competitors. You may be able to use search engine optimization to get the jump on one of the big syndicate websites like Zillow but you’re not really going to be the big players at that game.

The Hikers And The Bear – A Real Estate Marketing Tale

One Spring Day, two friends, they were real estate agents by the way, were hiking through the woods.

Aside from marketing and selling houses it was their favorite thing to do. They came upon some rocks by a clearing. Before they knew it, a she bear watching over her cubs picked up their scent. She started quickly heading toward them and broke into a run. One hiker sat down on the rocks and whipped a pair of running shoes out of their backpack. The other hiker said, “You can’t out run a bear!” The first hiker said, “Who said anything about out running a bear?”

Real estate marketing – the first objective: Get it read, understood, responded to and acted on by leads who are then guided to become your clients. Selling real estate? Buying homes? They almost all have less of a sense of the marketing that goes on behind the scenes of real estate sales but you have a clear and defined mission.

The marketing flyer on the door goes directly into the trash. The direct mail goes into an A/B sort and yours is circle-filed. The radio and TV ads are virtually silenced by the brain that has been conditioned to filter out ads. This is often the same for Internet advertising. The more the marketing message “tries” to be noticed, the more the mind of the visitor focused on something else ignores and filters it out. True real estate marketing must start on the same footing as any other marketing- identified desire. What is going on really, in the subconscious mind and pre-biased frame of the person looking at or listening to your message? Does it match?

where do you start to market real estate online

Where Does Real Estate Marketing Online Begin?

Search marketing: The act of determining when someone is searching for an answer to a problem, especially an answer that will reduce pain and increase pleasure (true benefit or value). That combination is lethal and finding it is gold. So, where is it in online marketing? Search. The real Google search engine and results when someone puts their search into the blank box.

This is why being found now, first in search is the 800 LB Gorilla of Internet marketing of anything including the real estate market. Whoever is there in the early results of Google’s answer to any search is given the opportunity to intercept that elusive and most valuable component of the successful sale: desire.

Chances are good that you are reading this right now because of that very scenario. You are trying to solve a problem and achieve an outcome. Meet a goal. Get ahead in your real estate business and succeed. You searched online and this website showed up early. Very early. The first step in marketing is done. I have an opportunity now to sell you something or to provide you with enough value now to have the opportunity to sell you something of value later. Either way, I have been handed the privilege of speaking with you first because I have mastered the skills necessary to be chosen for a first result by the world’s biggest search engine.

You need that same opportunity. Ready to find out how? Contact me (there’s my form to the right or call right now 714-924-4422)

I can help you achieve real estate market visibility like no one else online. No one. I’m the best real estate marketing and SEO provider in the market, hands down. I can help you. Contact me for services or insight today.Dave Keys real estate marketing expert

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