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How Many Gmail users are there and why should a business owner care?
by Dave Keys, Orange County SEO

Most of you as business owners have heard of SEO. Some have had experience with the pitfalls of contracting with an SEO outfit only to find out that the SEO company had sold them a bill of goods, taken their money and provided no ROI. Others are waiting to see…

Here’s the thing about waiting to see what develops- it already has. Google has rolled out and improved on search results for anyone who has a Google account, (generally, everyone with a Gmail address) with a new technology called Personalized Search.

As seen in the video, Google’s results will point you toward what you’ve looked for, and clicked on previously. This means that if you liked the way that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art website looked when you searched for Art Museums (normally at #10), the site will start to appear in the #1 or #2 slot on subsequent searches, since Google “knows” you like to visit it.

Now, it’s more important than ever to rank well ahead of your competitors and to get there before your competitors, because- we all have to compete just that much more, not only with our competitors, but also with the presumed “preferences” of all 193 million Gmail users. (Wikipedia)

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