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This is definitely not the way to market a short sale. I have passed this house for several months on my morning walks and said to myself, this house is going to go into foreclosure. Today was the day.

Failed short sale in Murrieta Too unfriendly

Every time I came by, that sign just nearly punched me in the face with “go away!” What this picture does not show is that for almost the entire time until about a week ago that this house was listed, the grass was 3 feet high and everything seemed to say, “Keep moving. Nothing to see here!”  it may have not been intended that way at all but that’s the impression that I always got, and I’m sure that many others got that impression too.

All the SEO in the world can’t fix poor marketing strategies. It seems to me like some agents just don’t really want the listings they have. Maybe I just have a different attitude of being a little more hungry for business even if my plate is full because I remember so many times when there wasn’t that much business. I couldn’t bear to have this listing without at least going to mow the yard when it needed it if I had to do it myself. And that appointment only sign?  What on earth could be the benefit of that? Obviously, this home as it was marketed did not attract enough qualified buyers to get past foreclosure, did it?

Murrieta short sale agents

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