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Your best bet in blogging is twofold:

Original and Well Written

  • Make sure your content is original. Google’s really pretty good about figuring out both plagiarism and article spinning. in fact, the recent “Panda” or “Farmer” update was designed, in part, to weed out the kind of language that results from article spinning–you’ve seen it before. The language starts to look like a blend between Yoda of Star Wars and the King James Bible with grammatical inconsistencies and the invariable nonsense the creeps into spun articles because people don’t take the time to even check the syntax and meaning that results from article spinning software.  Consistent natural language is your best bet. Google looks for it, and more importantly, people will choose it naturally over the artificial language found in junk posts.

    Did You Know Google Panda Is Grading Your Work?

    This Panda content stress test applies to outsourced content too. If you outsource your content writing, keep a close eye on your provider’s quality. Your website is what will sink or swim depending on what you do with and to it, including the quality and originality of the content you choose to put there.

  • Natural language as I just mentioned above appears to be a requirement that Google’s systems have “learned” how to test. If you are talking like a spammer Google will probably be able to weed you out and well it should. If your content is poorly written by a too-low-cost offshore content writer, it’s going to degrade your performance, not to mention that it will be a huge turn off to your readers.Invest carefully into your online messages and make sure they do what they’re intended to do- motivate people to take action with you sooner or later- nothing less.

Even if your blog is short and light weight, if it has something to say–even if it is something that has been talked about before, but you say it effectively and uniquely, you’ll get more punch in the lineup of search results. Effective content is both a part of successful real estate SEO and real estate marketing.


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