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Orange County SEO and Tiger Woods

In December, 2009, I took on an what many might consider an impossible task. That was just 11 months ago. My new client, real estate agent Jeff Lichtenstein went live with a brand new website (and domain name) in the most expensive zip code in the United States. (Forbes 2002 and other sources) Jeff’s goal was to rank in the top five on page one of Google in the most sought after 15 communities in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL. There are thousands of agents, let alone giant chain offices and brokerages with huge budgets including SEO, all going after homes in communities with residents like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Celine Dion. My job was to help my new client with zero staff, a new domain name, no content and a limited budget to rise to page one in Google for valued keywords and phrases.

Tiger Woods home in Jupiter IslandOften cited as “the most expensive zip code in the United States” is the Florida community of Jupiter Island. The upscale real estate in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida is often identified by the homes and communities that bear names familiar to anyone in the area; PGA National homes, Admirals Cove and Jupiter Island are a few. Communities compete by exclusivity rather than price or other factors common to most real estate sales in today’s market. Certainly prices have come down, but these are not the short sale, foreclosure ravaged homes and neighborhoods so often found in formerly unaffected upscale neighborhoods. Prices have come down from prices like $15 million to a cool $12 million. You get the picture. These are high value and high competition communities.

What Orange County SEO can do for you

Most would have laughed at the idea of successfully taking on local powerhouse agencies, but I saw holes in virtually all competitors’ strategies and proceeded to educate Jeff in proper “white hat SEO” strategies approved by Google’s TOS. I encouraged Jeff to stay the course over the following months. Within a short time our first target community gained a position on page one. We were on our way.

Our latest effort, a well planned and executed promotion of one of our blog posts, proved to be a tipping point as well.  This was a coordinated effort because few succeed in search marketing by simply outsourcing some SEO and forgetting about it.

Now, 11 months after the brand new website’s inception, we enjoy a page one presence for eleven of fifteen target communities. These are based on high value keywords verified for competitive value in Google’s Adword keyword tool. These are organic results. They don’t include the page one video thumbnails we infiltrated page one results with, over eight months ago.

What are the value of these communities?¬†Admirals Cove home prices top out at $15.5 million. PGA National? A mere $1.8 million tops the list of more “modest” homes in the upscale PGA golf resort community. Meanwhile, of the Jupiter Island homes for sale, the top home price is Greg Norman’s estate listed at a cool, if dubious $65 million. Closer to a realistic value may be Tiger Woods’ house, recently rebuilt on a 12 acre compound with its own three hole practice golf course.

Target Community in Position 4

It’s fair to say that competition in these communities is intense with marketing efforts on every imaginable front. SEO in this kind of an environment is only a part, but a critical part, of any real estate marketing strategy.

We’re providing the top players with head to head competition in the top profitable real estate areas.

While you can easily find Jeff’s website on the first page of Google searches for most of the top community names in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter including the often dubbed, most expensive community in the United States, Jupiter Island, our work isn’t finished yet. We’re well on our way to the “top of the fold” in the top five positions for our key communities.

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