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How is expert SEO strategy not like pump-and-dump stocks? Well, first let’s clarify for those who don’t do the market thing: a pump-and-dump stock is a scheme whereby crooks dubious investors create a false buzz over some worthless stock (often pink sheets aka penny stocks) after buying a substantial quantity. The suckers victims of the ruse pile on in a buying frenzy believing some email or forum hype about a breakthrough event that will create an instant six-bagger (easy enough to believe with a penny stock- that it will go from 3 cents a share to 18 cents a share…). The flagrant liars dishonest “investors” sell at a strategically chosen price while there is enough momentum of unsuspecting new buyers to sustain original investor selloff- leaving everyone else holding a worthless pile of junk-stock that will never go anywhere but down, as one-by-one, the duped investors realize that they may as well give up.

Enter crappy black-hat SEO techniques and a similar pump-and-dump strategy, one where a straight keyword or phrase is repeated over and over- causing the target of the “campaign” to move up in SERPS until the Google algorithm cops arrive, breaking up the joint. Like a 1920s prohibition underground club, the boys in the know slip out (with your hard-earned money, of course) while unsuspecting patrons take the rap.

The black-hats get fast results, but if a website owner plans to be around for more than “15 minutes”, they’ll want to avoid this kind of tactic.

Anchor text should be diverse and keywords inserted into natural phrases with targets accumulated as a significant portion of keyword distribution, but not the sole keyword that will trigger Google’s patterning algorithms sooner or later, leaving the client at best, where they were before, or at worst, banned and de-indexed by Google.

Expert SEO techniques involve natural conversational posts, etc. involving a wide range of relevant, but diverse keywords.


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