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Evaluating A Real Estate Market For SEO Ranking Difficulty

Evaluating A Real Estate Market For SEO Ranking Difficulty

real estate SEO ranking difficulty and marketing

Get All The Pieces Of The Real Estate Marketing In Place Along With SEO

A lot of people are interested in knowing how hard is it to rank for terms like Franklin Tennessee real estate for sale and other terms where they know there is some traffic and that’s where the thinking terminates and they unknowingly fall into a failed strategy. While of course traffic is good, it’s only the start to proper marketing for your real estate business. Think about this, what if you treated your real estate farm in the same way? What if you simply tossed your business card at the doorstep of everybody in a certain neighborhood? How well do you think that would convert people to list their home with you? I think that might persuade people to understand who to avoid to list their home. Why do agents throw great resources at ranking in Google only to have people come to a website where there is no personal connection with the very person they need to choose to work with in order for there to be money into your business? Of course reading this, it’s clear it makes no sense but this is exactly what a lot of agents pursue because they are mesmerized by the thought of getting a lot of traffic to their website. The harsh truth is that I see agents with plenty of traffic to their website all the time who don’t get sales because they don’t deserve them. They don’t do anything to connect with the target market one person at a time. When you are selling real estate it’s a one to one proposition. You look at one house at a time. You talk with one or two people at a time. You take pains to make sure that they are seeing what is well matched to their ability and desire to buy. No less care should be taken with your website where the number one product is not the houses – not yet, but you. Yes, I want you to hire me to help you with SEO. More than that however, I want you to succeed even if for selfish reasons that I want you to be able to pay me for successful marketing campaigns online and if you’re not making money you won’t be able to do that. Much better to have such overwhelming success that there’s plenty of money to engage in more and more online marketing to capture more market share from your competitors who are too lazy to figure out what to do to improve their business and the lives of their customers.

When it comes to real estate SEO, ranking a webpage is only part of an effective strategy. Every piece of the marketing puzzle must be properly in place for success and that includes persuasion architecture and sales optimization just as much as, if not more than, website optimization.


Balancing Real Estate SEO with Persuasion Architecture and Viewer Engagement

We’re looking at the true value of a video that has received a lot of views and can be considered a success in terms of real estate SEO.

This video received 12,000 views over six years so that’s an average of 2000 views a year. I still getting use right now. The problem is your engagement once they see it and this is the problem with every online video. Many real estate agents think that they have to cover every detail and a video and they make them too long and often with too many special effects as well. This video lasts a little over three minutes and we demonstrate that over half of the audience is lost in just the first third of viewing the video. The average view duration is one minute and eight seconds and all the ranking of the world doesn’t make people like something they get bored with. This is important to remember with every aspect of a real estate website not just video. Search engine optimization simply gets you into the game but how you perform then is everything. If your bounce rate is high then it really doesn’t matter what your position is in search results and it doesn’t matter how your page looks aesthetically. What does matter is that you have a very clear compelling message that is designed specifically for your target audience person by person so that individual people are emotionally motivated by your message to take the right action. That right action is to contact you to be their real estate agent. There really is no other reason ultimately for a webpage or any online marketing to exist because you, the real estate agent are the true product here.

Selling Homes in Copperas Cove? Get Real Estate Market Effective SEO That Makes Money

Sure, you’ve heard of SEO but what about SEO that targets your exact market in Copperas Cove and Texas communities like Killeen, Lampasas and the 800LB gorilla of potential marketing treasure, Ft. Hood? Do you have strategies and visibility in these markets that overcome the mediocre competition? I say not because I took a look at the online presence of real estate business and I saw one thing: opportunity in droves.

Watch the video here and if you’re prepared to invest in market domination with me, fill out that form over there or call the number (714) 924-4422. (if you’re not in Copperas Cove, fill in the form first)

Our first steps involve developing a comprehensive online real estate marketing strategy and a healthy dose of SEO that takes market share by storm.




Real Estate SEO Update – Local Results For Real Estate Agents Is Back

Real Estate SEO Update – Local Results For Real Estate Agents Is Back

Over the weekend and into this week, it has become evident that Google has returned 7 Pack local results to most real estate and Realtor search terms.

Prescott real estate agents - Google Search 7 Pack

From: Dave Keys Real Estate SEO Expert. Real Estate Marketing online. Today we’re looking at some of the biggest Google online visibility news for real estate agents in well over a year. Google has apparently shifted back to previous levels of visibility for real estate agents in local search business and map listings.
Now, wherever you may search, you’re most likely to find local results for “real estate agents” searches
and realtor searches and very often for “real estate” searches too.

Searches for “homes for sale” tend to deliver standard organic results with Zillow and Trulia leading the organic lineup in most markets.
Beginning in early May and especially over the weekend results began appearing and by now, if things remain in place, after well over a year, the ability to benefit from local results is once again available to the local real estate business online.
If you want to see where you stand for a local search and you’re not on the 7 or 3 pack, click the “Map results for link”
and see where you show up in the map listings. That gives you an indication of the work and competition ahead to get that top of the page visibility for your real estate business.

The signals for this visibility are straightforward. Generally, to rank well in local results, you need a healthy ranking in organic search. You also need sufficient data and citations for your business in appropriate Google local channels.

Contact me for details on this regained advantage for real estate agents.

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