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About Dave Keys Real Estate SEO expert service and your business marketing strategy to sell more houses.

About Real Estate SEO by Dave Keys


What is real estate SEO about anyway? The answer is simple:

You want to get from point A to point B. Low search rankings to high ones. This is clearly illustrated in the detailed infographic below.

It’s the getting over the mountain that requires a few simple but essential things. Decent content, good website construction and more links of quality than your competitors. There are lots of factors in SEO but that is the essence of it. For real estate, the game, or the competition, or the battle for territory¬†comes down to the volume and quality of links. All things being equal, link-building of scale superior to your competitors has to be achieved. That is why so many agents work on their websites ad-infinitum and still can’t seem to get to the places on Google where it counts. Face it, Position 1 gets 56% of clicks, Position 2- around 13%, position 3 around 10% and humble position 4 and 5 get around 4% each. We’re already up to 88%! That doesn’t leave much for the rest of page one and virtually nothing at all for page 2 and beyond.

Real Estate marketing is like no other industry. The nature of geographic territories presents challenges to the realtor no other business faces.

Real estate SEO is extremely territorial. Top competitors know this and do what it takes to dominate territory.

You have to find a way to be heard above every other agent who is trying to provide their services to the exact same geographical market and, if they know anything about online search, even without actual keyword research with Google data, they instinctively know the terms most likely to bring results. This will involve the words, real estate, homes, sale, etc combined with the name of the geographic target- be it city, county or well known location, that every other real estate agent and brokerage is trying to rank for.

Call now and get industrial strength Real Estate SEO. 714-222-7961 or 888-216-1231. Any competitor worth their salt will fight their way to top positions as best as they can and they have no intention of giving that territory up to you or anyone else. I specialize in going to war, virtually speaking, for online geographic territory as your marketing partner.

I fit the bill. I know the industry. 95% of the SEO work I do is for real estate agents. I’m on page #1 for “real estate SEO” and dominate #1 and most other positions for “real estate SEO expert.” I’m not the cheapest, just the most effective at getting you from point A to point B.


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