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Sustained Maximum Capacity The Only Difference Between Assisted Living Business Success and Failure

I have worked for the last four years with a successful chain of assisted living facilities in Texas. I quickly learned, early on, full capacity of occupancy at any facility is the one true barometer of projective success or failure of an assisted living or senior living business. When your business is in the high 90s of occupancy percentage, you’re doing great but let empty beds approach 15%  and you know the clock is ticking for the doors to close on an unsustainable business model. Even if you can keep the books technically “in the black”, morale just gets worse and worse both for staff and residents. New prospects can sniff out that something is wrong even if they can’t tell what it is. Leads are going to competitors and your entire organization feels the effects of “the downward spiral.”

Got Celebrity Clout? (won’t solve the problem)

One lucky assisted-living facility in Napa Valley California was able to bring a celebrity chef on board, Brad Miller, a former contestant on the TV cooking reality show Hell’s Kitchen. That may work well to keep Five Star Quality Care of Napa Valley closer to capacity for a while but even if you had a high profile celebrity chef of your own, you probably already know that you need to obtain more leads by increased visibility to your market that doesn’t require national level celebrity news stories to sustain it. That kind of publicity has been proven to be short-lived and you need something long-term.

It Takes Long Term Market Visibility

assisted living marketing

marketing assisted livingEven if you had Lucille Ball in the kitchen and Ricky Ricardo entertaining in the commons, you’re not going to hit that sweet spot of maximum capacity without sustained, daily exposure to market where people who are trying to solve an elder living situation for the first time are starting their search for an answer.


Where Do Top Successful Assisted Living Find New Leads?

Does it feel like your business is in the freezing winter of new client acquisition? Even as more people seek out assisted living, are you somehow left out in the cold while larger facilities and national chains like Emeritus, despite all their bad press, are getting the lions share of all those new customers?

Where are those leads being captured before you even have a chance to sell to them?

People are going online more and more to find virtually everything from shoes to real estate. In fact, studies by the National Association of Realtors® have concluded that 90% of people begin searching for a home online. This has profound relevance to the assisted living industry where people are looking for an alternative to a nursing home that is a lot closer to being at home rather than in a home. The fact is, the decision makers for assisted living are virtually all online- looking for an optimum choice. Behavior studies from multiple industry sources prove that people look at what appears earliest and highest in organic search results and usually choose that first contact as long as they do a decent job of communicating the value of their product.

In Assisted Living, that’s the game, fair or not. First run listings in Google, the search engine that gets close to 70% of all serious inquiries, get around 80-90% of the business.

These kinds of large decisions that people going to the Internet to find answers and resources. Their decisions are formed rapidly, often before they are even aware of it, But what they have seen on the Internet. It’s a fact of life that most people use search engines to find information and those websites that are found on the first page of results receive almost all the traffic from those valuable online buyers. When you make sure that your business is found on the first page of search engines, you will transform your business because you will exponentially catapult its visibility to where everyone is looking for your services. Question: Is it going to get easier or harder for assisted living businesses to stay IN business? Those who attract new customers consistently are going to be the survivors and winners in this industry.

Where Are All The New Customers? Curved-Red-Arrow-Left

In assisted living, more than nearly any other business, New Customers are the only way to your business success. In fact, the success of your business is dependent on your ability to attract and sign on new customers on a regular basis.

Your challenge right now is that many of your decision makers who ultimately choose assisted living for their parents are middle-aged (and some of them are approaching senior citizen age themselves) are shopping online. More and more of them use the Internet to find services and fewer of them still use print media, Yellow Pages, etc. THEY’RE LOOKING ONLINE. WHAT IF THEY FOUND YOU THERE?

Let’s look at where online leads come from: (actual screenshot of results for my client in San Antonio – search from geo-proximity to San Antonio)

Assisted living Google Search

For these decision makers, the Internet provides their first impression of the service that they will eventually choose. They will make those decisions based on what they discover early online.

They rely on print media very little if at all. THEY’RE SEARCHING ONLINE. WHAT IF THEY FOUND YOU THERE?

No one in the assisted living business understands this better than the national brands and AL directories. They spend over $250,000 a month on online advertising to make sure they have access to those leads before you.

That’s my specialty- taking locally owned and operated businesses and moving them into visibility online in a competitive environment. It always takes some time to get a website onto Google’s page one of search results, but every minute you wait is a delay for you to get visible online and start accepting new clients from a brand new source that your competitors are partaking in every day while you wait for the phone to ring.

Get on board now. I accept only a limited number of new clients to a maximum of 10 to 12 at any given time so I can provide an excellent level of results and still have time to call my own. When my availability reaches capacity, this offer will be unavailable to everyone else until the campaigns I’m supporting reach full potential. If you’re serious about advancing your assisted living business to maximum online visibility where your future customers are all searching for your business then take this step right now.

Pick up the phone and  call 714-222-7961 to discuss your market, your website and, if your current business qualifies for my marketing and SEO service, a quote for you to gain powerful online market visibility.

PS. TURNOVER IS INEVITABLE. ASHA indicates that the average length of stay in assisted living is only 21 months. Memory care is even shorter. it is imperative that you solve the problem of sustained new lead generation and customer acquisition once and for all by becoming most visible exactly where your customers are most likely to form their buying decision. Contact me now to obtain this unbeatable advantage in your market by being placed high in the search engines above competitors and national directories alike. 


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