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Google’s Built In Overreach In SEO

Google’s Built In Overreach In SEO

I just read an excerpt in the Search Engine Journal article by Roger Montii at where he discusses what he terms “Author Intent” and how the so-called Medic Update, is really a focus on clarifying further what a page is really about when ranking results. I couldn’t disagree with much of what Roger was saying. Google has gotten pretty good at understanding what something on the web is really about- is it about the side effects or mechanics of the drug, Viagra and its medical alternatives to treat ED or is it really just plugging an herbal remedy?

What I noticed was this: A quote from John Mueller’s Webmaster Hangout on the topic where he says, 

“And in general it’s not something where we’d have any specific guidance to say, well this is what you need to change. This is really just a part of the normal changes that we make on the web overall.”

Herein lies the Google Intent. Whether a thing is fully acknowledged, when it is held as a core attitude, it tends to slip out. Mueller didn’t say, “…normal changes that we make to the algorithm…” or “the search engine”. He said, “the web overall.” It is reflective and indicative of what I believe is an overarching attitude at Google that Google is the web, the Internet. No Google, no web, is the implication of a statement like this.

Others like Josh Bachynski have reported that personnel in high-level meetings at Google have voiced opinions that some people don’t deserve to be on the Internet. Google has the right to run their search engine as they see fit. Does that make them Overlords of the Internet? Hardly.

PS. John is to be commended on his dramatic weight loss.

What Is The Biggest Ranking Factor In Real Estate SEO?

SEO Factors For Small, Large and Mega Real Estate Sites Differ

Maybe you’d be surprised to find that the answer to this question depends on who you are. What the biggest real estate SEO ranking factors are for you are not the same as they are for Zillow. Zillow ranks by domain authority, traffic behavior and external links. The problem is that you can’t replicate the way Zillow got their links even if you could somehow replicate the number of links. Google looks at links over time and expects a certain delta. If you show up with 8 million links next month, do you think your SEO will be rewarded? Well, no.

Real Estate SEO Is Subject To Multiple Weighted Considerations

Google has watched Zillow acquire links since 2006. You can’t replicate that 12 year progression can you? Your real estate SEO is going to have to win by other means. The game has changed. The rules have changed. Google has gotten less dependent on finding out about spammy links because they’ve shifted their factors to include some tests of web pages. Tests like social interaction involving the page. Tests like traffic behavior and tests like Keywords and semantic terms.

What Is A Ranking Factor In Real Estate SEO

What Is A Ranking Factor In Real Estate SEO

What really ranks in Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO Keywords and Factors

This is going to break the status quo but it’s really still very simple. Decent links from content, Pages that start with the keyword in your Title, URL, H1 and H2, Body. That’s about it. Keywords in those four places pretty much show Google what your page is about. Write your content and include things that would normally be discussed (Latent Semantic Index) in your topic of choice. For real estate, you can look at the search ideas Google suggests that get searched along with your desired keyword and you’re in the zone. It’s almost so simple a robot could do it.

Real Estate SEO Keywords really fit in 4 places

 Of course the other side of this is links. Linking internally provides a lot of force. This is one reason why you should blog. Blog about your current real estate market or find some ideas about selling or buying real estate and write something meaningful without worrying too much about 100% unique originality. I think the last real original thing said about real estate was probably the first article about short sales.


Let’s say your market is Aspen real estate. What should be your SEO strategy? Well, first make sure you ranking for things that will make your visitors buy- not a house but you. They should become willing to drop their guard and contact you or there’s really no point to ranking is there?

It may be better for your bottom line to rank high for Aspen real estate agents than for Aspen real estate because the former phrase is more often by someone who wants to find and hire an agent where the latter may be for information only and the visitor may actually hate agents and wants to do a FISBO.

Real Estate Marketing And Zillow Free Listings Program

…And why is it that every board of Realtors at every board meeting taking votes on who gets a license to market with their listing… see, we don’t blame Zillow for what Zillow’s doing. It’s in their nature…

Is this the way real estate marketing is headed? To be taken over by Walmart, Amazon or Zillow? What would a real estate agent as facilitator look like? What would transactions without listing agents, or any agents look like? It isn’t just SEO that’s taking a beating from Zillow. It’s the entire industry as Zillow uses data and technology to approach monopolistic control of the entire real estate market.

This video at

Is Your Real Estate Marketing Heading For A Bubble or Boom in 2017?

Is Your Real Estate Marketing Heading For A Bubble or Boom in 2017?

Preparing for real estate marketing in a new year, are we headed for a bubble, a bust or a boom? Forbes says slow down and be cautious about buying and look for signs of a bubble to consumers at Meanwhile, Bloomberg says the biggest foreign investor real estate frenzy is coming next year.

Real estate marketing is the key to success for the individual agent, the brokerage or agency selling in any local community or city. Your product is you, your team, your services, your unique offer to a market where the homes are simply a commodity. Your business makes money when customers buy you, not when they buy a house which they can do all by themselves, at least in theory. Recent studies indicate the overwhelming majority of consumers simply work with the first real estate agent they contact.

The market predictions are confused for 2017

The Predictions for 2017 real estate markets are wildly diverse.

The real threshold to a sale is solving the problem that agents are perceived as another commodity. The syndicate sites are happy to promote this idea in their commercials where you see precious little, if any, of the real estate agent. The fantasy world where people look at a house online together and walk into their new home, keys in hand is the stuff of TV ads but not the real world. You get visible in front of consumers ahead of competitors, especially in those other 11 visits consumers make to other websites after visiting Zillow or Trulia and your chance to market the first real product they will buy for the price of their email address or making a phone call, is unmatched.

This is where I come in to help you gain market visibility through SEO and digital marketing strategies that place you in front of buyers and sellers of real estate in your local market. Call now 714-222-7961 or complete the form to your right to get started now.

Evaluating A Real Estate Market For SEO Ranking Difficulty

Evaluating A Real Estate Market For SEO Ranking Difficulty

real estate SEO ranking difficulty and marketing

Get All The Pieces Of The Real Estate Marketing In Place Along With SEO

A lot of people are interested in knowing how hard is it to rank for terms like Franklin Tennessee real estate for sale and other terms where they know there is some traffic and that’s where the thinking terminates and they unknowingly fall into a failed strategy. While of course traffic is good, it’s only the start to proper marketing for your real estate business. Think about this, what if you treated your real estate farm in the same way? What if you simply tossed your business card at the doorstep of everybody in a certain neighborhood? How well do you think that would convert people to list their home with you? I think that might persuade people to understand who to avoid to list their home. Why do agents throw great resources at ranking in Google only to have people come to a website where there is no personal connection with the very person they need to choose to work with in order for there to be money into your business? Of course reading this, it’s clear it makes no sense but this is exactly what a lot of agents pursue because they are mesmerized by the thought of getting a lot of traffic to their website. The harsh truth is that I see agents with plenty of traffic to their website all the time who don’t get sales because they don’t deserve them. They don’t do anything to connect with the target market one person at a time. When you are selling real estate it’s a one to one proposition. You look at one house at a time. You talk with one or two people at a time. You take pains to make sure that they are seeing what is well matched to their ability and desire to buy. No less care should be taken with your website where the number one product is not the houses – not yet, but you. Yes, I want you to hire me to help you with SEO. More than that however, I want you to succeed even if for selfish reasons that I want you to be able to pay me for successful marketing campaigns online and if you’re not making money you won’t be able to do that. Much better to have such overwhelming success that there’s plenty of money to engage in more and more online marketing to capture more market share from your competitors who are too lazy to figure out what to do to improve their business and the lives of their customers.

When it comes to real estate SEO, ranking a webpage is only part of an effective strategy. Every piece of the marketing puzzle must be properly in place for success and that includes persuasion architecture and sales optimization just as much as, if not more than, website optimization.


Balancing Real Estate SEO with Persuasion Architecture and Viewer Engagement

We’re looking at the true value of a video that has received a lot of views and can be considered a success in terms of real estate SEO.

This video received 12,000 views over six years so that’s an average of 2000 views a year. I still getting use right now. The problem is your engagement once they see it and this is the problem with every online video. Many real estate agents think that they have to cover every detail and a video and they make them too long and often with too many special effects as well. This video lasts a little over three minutes and we demonstrate that over half of the audience is lost in just the first third of viewing the video. The average view duration is one minute and eight seconds and all the ranking of the world doesn’t make people like something they get bored with. This is important to remember with every aspect of a real estate website not just video. Search engine optimization simply gets you into the game but how you perform then is everything. If your bounce rate is high then it really doesn’t matter what your position is in search results and it doesn’t matter how your page looks aesthetically. What does matter is that you have a very clear compelling message that is designed specifically for your target audience person by person so that individual people are emotionally motivated by your message to take the right action. That right action is to contact you to be their real estate agent. There really is no other reason ultimately for a webpage or any online marketing to exist because you, the real estate agent are the true product here.

Selling Homes in Copperas Cove? Get Real Estate Market Effective SEO That Makes Money

Sure, you’ve heard of SEO but what about SEO that targets your exact market in Copperas Cove and Texas communities like Killeen, Lampasas and the 800LB gorilla of potential marketing treasure, Ft. Hood? Do you have strategies and visibility in these markets that overcome the mediocre competition? I say not because I took a look at the online presence of real estate business and I saw one thing: opportunity in droves.

Watch the video here and if you’re prepared to invest in market domination with me, fill out that form over there or call the number (714) 924-4422. (if you’re not in Copperas Cove, fill in the form first)

Our first steps involve developing a comprehensive online real estate marketing strategy and a healthy dose of SEO that takes market share by storm.




Real Estate SEO Update – Local Results For Real Estate Agents Is Back

Real Estate SEO Update – Local Results For Real Estate Agents Is Back

Over the weekend and into this week, it has become evident that Google has returned 7 Pack local results to most real estate and Realtor search terms.

Prescott real estate agents - Google Search 7 Pack

From: Dave Keys Real Estate SEO Expert. Real Estate Marketing online. Today we’re looking at some of the biggest Google online visibility news for real estate agents in well over a year. Google has apparently shifted back to previous levels of visibility for real estate agents in local search business and map listings.
Now, wherever you may search, you’re most likely to find local results for “real estate agents” searches
and realtor searches and very often for “real estate” searches too.

Searches for “homes for sale” tend to deliver standard organic results with Zillow and Trulia leading the organic lineup in most markets.
Beginning in early May and especially over the weekend results began appearing and by now, if things remain in place, after well over a year, the ability to benefit from local results is once again available to the local real estate business online.
If you want to see where you stand for a local search and you’re not on the 7 or 3 pack, click the “Map results for link”
and see where you show up in the map listings. That gives you an indication of the work and competition ahead to get that top of the page visibility for your real estate business.

The signals for this visibility are straightforward. Generally, to rank well in local results, you need a healthy ranking in organic search. You also need sufficient data and citations for your business in appropriate Google local channels.

Contact me for details on this regained advantage for real estate agents.

How The Panda Algorithm Impacts SEO And Search Results Rankings

Here’s how the Panda US Patent extract says it works. There’s not a lot left to the imagination about the intent of this patent. It becomes clear that Google has sophisticated scoring system and their wish is to apply that algorithmically to derive the best possible search results. Built into this patent if you look for it, is the entire concept of Google’s preference for brands that they have expressed at least since 2008 when Eric Schmidt declared that the Internet is a cesspool and brands clean up the cesspool. Although not covered in-depth in this video, google’s modification factors begin with the question of whether the query matches the resource– In other words do users tend to choose the Apple website when they type the word Apple into the search engine?

Any position on page 1 by a bona-fide local real estate agent instead of a branded national website is met by perfectly prepared leads and prospects who are now specifically looking for the right real estate agent to connect with.


As the search engine receives queries that move further away from of these brands, modification factors begin to be applied. To keep clear of modification factors, websites need authority and trusted associations to validate their qualification for higher preference in search results.

When it comes to SEO, there are a number of feared algorithms associated with Google search results ranking penalties. The Panda algorithm is considered by many to be among the most impactful if not the most. But, is that an accurate assessment? The capability of the algorithm to rank search results is the featured topic of the actual abstract of the Panda algorithm filed in 2012 with the US Patent office. Dave Keys of covers this topic briefly here. Google is looking for a plurality of signals that authenticate the trust of any given web page or website. Looking for an SEO expert? Get help from Dave Keys for success in your real-estate SEO.

In the case of real estate SEO, the brands have become obvious and are given highly preferential treatment by Google. Nonetheless many people are dissatisfied with the experience that the big brands offer them–lots of houses and inventory to look at but no real personal connection. On the contrary, there is about as much trust felt in these syndicated introductions of the highest paying agent on the leaderboard as there is in a courtroom testimony by cigarette company executives.

The opportunity for local real estate agents to fill in the gap where the syndicates fall short is still enormous- so much that I’ve seen extremely high percentages of search volume in position #5 after Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes take the top 4 spots, compared to standard estimates of search volume for page one positions. So many people find themselves dissatisfied with the syndicate experience that a whopping 25% of them make their way to position 5. Any position on page 1 by a bona-fide local real estate agent instead of a branded national website is met by perfectly prepared leads and prospects who are now specifically looking for the right real estate agent to connect with. Is it you?

Real Estate SEO And The Incredible Shrinking Agent – How To Get Your Mojo Back in 2015

Real Estate SEO And The Incredible Shrinking Agent – How To Get Your Mojo Back in 2015

2014 was a year when Google started really taking things away from the local agent in droves. What’s to be done about it? I’ll talk more about what they took away, but first the solution. What can the local agent do to take back some of the territory they enjoyed in 2013 and had slapped from their hands in 2014?

Fighting head to head with the syndicates and brands for page one visibility. In essence, this is the best, although not always affordable, answer. Hire an SEO like me or a better one than me. In other words, if you expect to follow this course, don’t expect to get away with cheap because you will get away with your clothes and skin burned right off. The damage from cheap, offshore SEO can be un-repairable or so arduous as to not be worth it. The gaze of Google on you will be unrelenting even if they release you from specific penalties. Like the Eye of Sauron, they will always be looking for the ring of unapproved link building and the withering effect of that gaze may be too much to ever recover the former glory of your ranking.

Google loves Zillow and all the rest, but there’s not enough Zillow-class stuff to put all over page one so there is room for you and believe me, the people who are still looking around the Internet after the Zillow experience are available in plenty of numbers to provide you with a robust flow of leads and prospects for your business.

real estate SEO Local agents had to try harder in 2014 for search visibility

Local real estate agents had to try even harder in 2014 for search visibility.

Google Taketh Away and Google Giveth

Here’s a quick list of what Google took away from the local agent in 2014: Authorship (that gave you the photo by your site listing in search results), HTML5 video thumbs (gave you an image for self-hosted videos), Google Local Business results (the 7 Pack went away for most RE queries), overall continued favor to big syndication brands like Zillow, taking away increased visibility on page one for primary search terms.

What’s the big search engine advantage to the local real estate agent now? Free inclusion in the big boys club. It’s not automatic but it is indeed free.

The Panda Misinformation Campaign
Ask anyone familiar with SEO what the Panda algorithm is and they’ll probably express it in terms of how it will penalize your website. Dr. Pete said as much in his Fat Pandas and Thin Content article way back in 2011 and I reflected that sentiment for the next three years with everyone else but no more. Matt Cutts appeared regularly on Q & A videos and forums to talk about Panda penalties and the chase was on to avoid yet another awful bird released by Google that might come and kill your website while you were sleeping or just having lunch.

What happened to change my mind and how do I see it now?

What Is The Panda Algorithm Exactly?
In 2014 Google published what was already a public record- its patent filed with the US Patent office for the Panda Algorithm. You can read it in all its glory at but below is the Abstract that describes just what Google regarded as important enough for patent protection. The funny thing about a US Patent filing is that you can’t mislead the US Patent office because if you do, someone with a more accurate filing can come along and patent your idea by being accurate in describing it when you weren’t. In other words, there’s no lying or misdirection with the patent office because you might jeopardize your proprietary invention.

Check out the abstract with my highlighting:

Panda Patent Abstract Impact On SEO


Let’s just look at the words that are repeated and understand those but first, let’s look at the opening statement. It tells you in explicit terms just what Panda is. It is a method for ranking search results.

I’ll repeat that for emphasis.


Now, how it does that involves, as stated four times, a plurality of groups of resources. You can read the abstract and go on and read the patent and associated illustrations all you like and I’m not going to argue too long on the merits of my explanation because the actions I’ve taken on that understanding have transformed my own search results. I’ve used this method to rank pages instantly upon indexing with zero links. Zero.

Let’s look at what the plurality of groups of resources means and doesn’t mean by way of illustration:

Panda uses a plurality of groups of resources

Be part of the Plurality

The important thing is that Panda is not page rank. Panda is Google’s new, preferred method to rank websites and pages. In the absence of good strong plural resources from authority groups, Google will step down and use more traditional signals like single inbound links and other signals. Given the chance, Google will go with the group consensus.

Become a member site. The memberships are out there for the joining- mostly free. Engage, create content and make your website a member of that plurality and you’re on your way to aligning with the latest shiny positive ranking Algorithm in Google’s toolbox.

As always, if you need a robust, effective real estate SEO campaign to put your website into overdrive in 2015, contact me. Fill in the form to the right or call 714-924-4422.

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Penguin 3.0 In Like A Lamb?

Penguin 3.0 In Like A Lamb?

Penguin 3.0 In Like A Lamb

In Like A Lamb

In Like A Lamb… Penguin 3.0? If so, it seems fairly gentle for a Penguin update. Lots of changes in search results for some. Lots of chatter about Penguin 3.0 or Penguin 6 etc. The obvious is that something event-class happened early Saturday Oct 18, 2014. Anyone’s guess what it could be if not a Penguin refresh. That’s my vote but Google hasn’t confirmed. I have seen a few things improved where I knew someone had a Penguin penalty. Waiting for confirmation from Google if it ever comes.

Here’s what it’s not:
These are my observations only. Any of them could end up being off center of what is really happening but one thing is clear, the update seems to have extremely little or no impact on higher quality links.

The weekend has been abuzz with an obvious update in the algorithm. Recovery of websites, including some that I have managed, disappearance of other websites (none of which I have managed) seem to fit within the definition of a Penguin algorithm refresh or update. There are a lot of things this update is NOT (yet) which should be paid attention to until more information can be verified. Here is my short list:
• Not confirmed by Google (Now it’s confirmed)
• Not necessarily Penguin as we know it – far weaker right now than previous updates
• Not necessarily completed. Anything could follow this. It could roll back, stay the same or get more intensive.
• May not be too strong because of the reported difficulty in distinguishing between negative SEO and intent-to-rank SEO.
May not be permanent. Could be just another test. Previous reports show penguin like recovery followed by repositioning to penalized rankings.
• Seems to more clearly target lowest quality automated link building such as GSA, Magic submitter, SENuke etc. This would certainly be the easiest footprint to separate from the rest and this update has done just that by my observations. This is also the more likely source of negative SEO as well so it’s hard to say what will happen next if a lot of complaints about negative SEO flood Google in the morning.

Google Penguin Algorithm Refresh 2014 – Everyone Happy?

Google Penguin Algorithm Refresh 2014 – Everyone Happy?

Google's Little Penguin Algorithm 2014Finally a Google Penguin Update? Happy Now?
Google, according to one Gary Illyes might maybe be launching a Penguin Algorith refresh next week. We’ve heard a few cries of wolf before but maybe if testing goes well this might be the big one.

According to the article on, most people will find the new Penguin algorithm “a delight.”

Thinking of a quick rush to disavow links? Forget it. Too late. That index has been built as of a few weeks ago.

Search Engine Land says the good guys at Google are “working hard on making both webmasters and users happy. Last time someone said everyone would be happy was when the writers of the Lost series finale created a flopper that made exactly .0053% of the viewing audience happy.

Get help with Real Estate SEO

This comes down to the truth vs. the PR campaign that, just like the fun at Googoe, never stops. It also comes down to attempts by Google to put everyone’s focus on driving organic search profiteers away while sequestering to themselves an army of non-commercial content providers and paying Adwords advertisers. This is a model that the TV and movie industry could never quite achieve. Let any would-be popular star try their hand at being content producers on the web and see how they fare. Google is shoring up dollars and ad revenue with every algorithmic update and penalty.

Penguin 3 Update?

Penguin 3 Update?

Barry Schwartz at SERoundtable says it looks like Penguin 3 is about to roll out. I wouldn’t be too surprised. There has been some unusual volatility in search results over the last couple of days even among my customer base. Spikes in volatility are typical just prior to a major update in the Google search engine.


Penguin updates are real and harmful to a lot of businesses but Google doesn’t mind that as long as they can improve their search results to their liking. It’s our job to make sure we don’t get hammered by an update like this or any.

If your website was hit by the last Penguin update, now is the time to have already done your disavowal’s etc. If you start now it’s probably too late for this cycle.

The advice from Google will probably not change much. If you have been hit by Penguin or get hit this time around, as far as organic search rankings is concerned, it’s probably best to just start over with a new website.

In my own experience, I have, to be largely true. I have struggled for months on end with recovering websites from penalties with marginal results while on the other hand, I’ve been able to rank brand-new domains for fairly competitive markets with hundreds of thousands in population in the real estate niche on two page 1 for market high-volume terms in 60 to 90 days flat.

Need SEO Help? Contact me now using the form to the right, or call 714-924-4422.

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