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Real Estate SEO is the essence of lead generation in the home selling industry hands down. You’re in business to get leads who will hire you to buy or sell a home. 90% of buyers start online and sellers are sneaking in the back door, so to speak, to search for answers to how to get the most for the sale of their home. Real estate agents are not the first thing they’re looking for so the strategy is a little more of a challenge to be seen by them.

Answering Real Estate Questions for Sellers and Buyers with SEO

If you’re looking for buyers, the formula is really straightforward. Find out what locations and keywords your market tends to search most. Don’t forget that terms like Boca Raton real estate are going to be heavily influenced by other agents searching to see where they rank in Google. If you have 1,000 agents in your market and 10% of them search at least once per week for mytown real estate, then that is 4.2 X 100 or 420 searches a month by real estate agents alone. In most markets, that accounts for more agents than buyers.

The keywords to target for money are the other terms and niches like homes for sale in Boca Raton. Yes, the SEO conscious realtors and agents will be checking that out too, but not to the scale of the industry term. People in business mistakenly think in the terms of their industry but shoppers and sellers not so much. They use whatever comes to mind. Effective real estate SEO strategy means you’ll think more in the mindset of your customers when choosing what to target. A single post with the right touch of “honey” in terms of buyer intent keywords can answer a question in a way that Trulia, Zillow, etc will never do.


Here are 2 examples where I have reigned in search results with absolutely no contest or resistance from Google or competitors. I do get search traffic every month for these terms so they’re real and valuable for any agent who could deliver on them- which is quite realistic since I only created posts for what I knew existed in both cases.

1. Corona homes with casita and pool. Generally, I’m in the top 3 for this terms and its variations. I have been there for over 4 years throughout every Panda, Farmer, Penguin update, etc. Some things are so within reach but people just won’t take them. That post is not juiced up with a bunch of links or any other magic SEO serum. It’s just specific long tail search opportunity that a real estate agent should have taken for themselves a long time ago. If you’re in the Orange County SEO market, you can count on me to deliver success in business visibility from search engine optimization that works.

2. Massapequa real estate with back yard docks Another infrequently searched term but similar searches are more frequent than you would think and again, predictably regular traffic goes to this post just for being there. I posted this to show an agent who asked about getting more exposure online.

This is all low hanging fruit and it’s in every market. Yours just for taking a few minutes to think through about what people want and create answers for them. The ones most likely to buy will find you.

Are you thinking from the perspective of the people who are about to spend money?


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