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★★★★★ Don't miss out on the money producing SEO for real estate websites that markets YOU. Home buyers and sellers need to choose you as their Realtor, not your competitors, for you to make money online. Get An Expert in Real Estate SEO - Dave Keys 714-924-4422 Get expert Search Engine Optimization now by calling 888-216-1231 Realtors, agents and brokers profit from my high search rankings. Solutions For Your Business and Marketing by an SEO Expert We are. The clients we serve remain in top search positions, update after update after update. Real estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means getting ahead of competition with your unique value to an online market who is all but completely on page one of search results. What's the secret of competing real estate agents who always seem to get the most, and most profitable, sales? Often it's effective online visibility with SEO as the driving leverage to persuade search engines to pick them first. $$ Money making Real Estate SEO is the essence of lead generation in the home selling industry hands down. You’re in the real estate business to get leads who will hire you to buy or sell a home. 90% of buyers start online and sellers are sneaking in the back door, so to speak, to search for answers to how to get the most for the sale of their home. Real estate agents are not the first thing they’re looking for so the strategy is a little more of a challenge to be seen by them.

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Get real estate SEO that works. (That means your website is on page one for searches with volume and real competition.)

You can call that a real estate SEO definition.

A Quick Note For Real Estate Agents- What do you want to accomplish with SEO?

Answering Real Estate Questions for Sellers and Buyers with SEO

If you’re looking for real estate buyers, the formula is really straightforward. Find out what locations and keywords your market tends to search most. Don’t forget that terms like Boca Raton real estate are going to be heavily influenced by other agents searching to see where they rank in Google. If you have 1,000 agents in your market and 10% of them search at least once per week for mytown real estate, then that is 4.2 X 100 or 420 searches a month by real estate agents alone. In most markets, that accounts for more agents than buyers. You want to look at traffic metrics for homes for sale in your market because it’s a stronger buyer indicator and your leads that come from that keyword will include a higher percentage of quality buyer leads. Researching Real Estate Keywords for SEO The keywords to target for money are the other terms and niches like homes for sale in Boca Raton. Yes, the SEO conscious realtors and agents will be checking that out too, but not to the scale of the industry term. People in business mistakenly think in the terms of their industry but shoppers and sellers not so much. They use whatever comes to mind. Effective real estate SEO strategy means you’ll think more in the mindset of your customers when choosing what to target. A single post with the right touch of “honey” in terms of buyer intent keywords can answer a question in a way that Trulia, Zillow, etc will never do. There is all manner of low hanging fruit and it’s in every market. Yours just for taking a few minutes to think through about what people want and create answers for them. The ones most likely to buy will find you. Are you thinking from the perspective of the people who are about to spend money? Defining Real Estate SEO I want to be clear about what SEO is in the Dave Keys SEO definition. There are essentially two sides of the SEO equation for Google: Internal and External SEO signal metrics.

Internal: The process of making your web pages and websites “look” the way they should to a search engine. External: Signals coming from other websites that point to your page or website. These are most commonly links. Although there are other signals too, they apply more to branding and large scale traffic.

For smaller websites, links are the 98th percentile of factors that influence search results ranking. Google knows this too. That’s why they deploy so many punitive algorithms for overreaching link building tactics such as boilerplate anchor text. Get Help For Your Real Estate SEO Step one is to determine if you’ve been hit by one of these negative algorithms.

If you have you face an important decision about whether to attempt to recover your website or just move on to a fresh website and get online leads. That second option is often the fastest way to recover higher search positions in Google. Step two is to optimize the website as described above Defining Real Estate SEO. Both internal and external metrics are mandatory to get on page on of Google in real estate searches. Give your real estate business the visibility it deserves right there on page one with the big players.

SEO Service for real estate and businesses means driving more customers to your website. The foundation of profitable online marketing. Increased customers means growth for your company as more clients work with you instead of your competition. Build a website that wants to rank in Google.

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